To perpetuate the spirit of the Washington Artillery.

To stimulate love of our country and the flag, and to ever Cherish and keep alive the friendships made in peace and War during service in the old command.

We unite to form the Washington Artillery Veterans Association.

So that with the help of Saint Barbara, our Patron Saint,


President, Brian P. Champagne


Greetings to all and I hope that 2022 thus far been as positive for you as it has been for WAVA. In spite of the COVID surge and abysmal weather; we were able to conduct a delayed but successful election at the January meeting. I would like to welcome back John DeMartini as the 1st Vice President, Roy Broussard as the 2nd Vice President, Jay Castagnetta as Secretary and Raymond Zeringue as our new Treasurer. The February Board Meeting was also a success with the Board of Directors efficiently conducting the business of the organization so that we could focus on what is really important; fellowship.

More often than not, the meetings of the past devolved into heated discussions of meaningless issues and fellowship was only had by few in side-bar conversations. The organization lost its focus.  WAVA exists to create a venue so that old friends can re-kindle relationships, forge new friendships with fellow members and provide support and mentorship to the active battalion. The phase, found within our own toast, “May we always be together to perpetuate the spirit of the Old Command” states it best.

I intend to make sure that we focus on being a social organization with an emphasis on having fun and socializing. I challenge each WAVA member to reach out to a former member of the Washington Artillery and get them to attend a meeting. If we each get one; it will double our attendance. My promise to you is that our meetings will focus on fellowship, comradery and esprit des corps.

Try Us!

Brian Champagne



Secretary, Jay Castagnetta

From the desk of the Secretary

I am glad to be writing my first column in this first newsletter of the year.  I am so looking forward to working with the new board.  Ray has jumped in with both feet as the Treasurer and hasn’t missed a beat.  It’s great to have Brian back at the helm, especially with our new focus of ‘fellowship’.  The air is full of excitement as older members from our past as well as new members to the association are attending our meetings to share in quality time ‘Perpetuating the Spirit’ that once was.

We are experiencing a new interest in the association evidenced by a recent influx of new members.  They are Brian Canepa, Craig Champagne, Lonnie Cockerham, and Richard Gallman.  Norman McCord upgraded his membership to perpetual member.  And on a more somber note, we would like to acknowledge the passing of Ken McDow.  A former member of the 935 FA and father to Michael and Brian McDow, both who are former members of the active battalion.  Roy Broussard, our Membership Chairman is hard at work along with the S1 Section of the active battalion identifying and soliciting new members to the association.

We have added a new category to our meetings.  It’s being called our ‘Fellowship Reports’ and it is there for whomever has any announcements of what’s going on in their lives that they would like to bring to the attention of the association.  It will be included in the meeting agenda just after New Business.  At the February meeting several members brought up what’s going on in their lives and their ‘bragging rights’, if you will, were well received.  We are looking forward to hearing more about our members and their families accomplishments and achievements.  After all, this is what we are all about.

Jay Castagnetta


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