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To perpetuate the spirit of the Washington Artillery.

To stimulate love of our country and the flag, and to ever Cherish and keep alive the friendships made in peace and War during service in the old command.

We unite to form the Washington Artillery Veterans Association.

So that with the help of Saint Barbara, our Patron Saint,

Brian P. Champagne


Redlegs, the holiday season is quickly approaching and with it comes a busy WAVA agenda. In November, we will have our traditional Thanksgiving meal complimented by a visit to the Jackson Barracks Museum to view the traveling WWII exhibit. We will conduct minimal business at the WAVA room so that our focus will be on fellowship and the museum exhibit. In December we will have several events to include the WAVA elections, Pass and Review and most importantly the Wreath Laying Ceremony.

I encourage all of you to attend these events so that you can re-kindle relationships with your brothers in arms. I also request each of you to reach out to other former members of the battalion and ask them to attend at least one of these events and consider joining WAVA if they are not already members. This is the only way that we will increase the membership and participation. We must recruit in order to survive.
I hope that you and your families have a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and may 2023 be a bountiful and joyous year for all.

Try Us!
Brian Champagne
President, WAVA

Jay Castagnetta


Membership continues to be our number one priority. We have come a long way in making our meetings more interesting to our base. Our meetings are full of time for fellowship as well as there is always a good meal served. The bar is always open, although we must be careful not to take advantage of the Adjutant General’s decision to exempt WAVA from his zero-tolerance alcohol policy. Attendance at our meetings is still lower than we’d like but it is improving.

I recently attended Post 307 of the American Legion’s meeting. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed that evening. It was held at the Deutsch’s Haus at the old Moss Street Armory. There was easily 150 members of that Post present. The meal was hand rolled Hot Tamales cooked by the Post’s Tamale Team, with baked beans. There was an open bar, and everyone was having a great time. After asking several of their members why so many people attended their meetings the consensus was the venue, the food, and the fellowship.

Our next two meetings are important ones. The November General Membership meeting is a fellowship meeting with our Thanksgiving meal, some fellowship time, and a short meeting to discuss the upcoming Wreath Ceremony, the elections and the active battalion’s Pass in Review. Wreath Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd, followed on Sunday, December 4th, being the Annual Pass in Review. Both events begin at 10 AM. There will be a reception following the Wreath Ceremony at Metairie Cemetery in their Reception Hall. There will be plenty of food and beverages. Roy Broussard has done an exceptional job planning this year’s event.

And finally, our elections. This year is of the utmost importance. All board members except Mario Suarez have decided to run for re-election and CPT Cole Shorter from the active battalion has decided to run to fill Mario’s vacancy. There’s a short introduction of everyone running so you may have a chance to familiarize yourself with these members. Please make sure to follow the instructions on the absentee ballot form to ensure your ballots are received on time. Once the elections are completed, the 18 board members will elect their officers.

It’ a busy two months. For those who cannot attend I want to wish you the happiest and safest of holidays.

Try Us!
Jay Castagnetta
WAVA Secretary