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Appointments & Committees

Individual Appointments

Sergeant-at-Arms:  No one is presently assigned.

Color Bearers:  No one is presently assigned.

Parliamentarian:  Joseph Taranto

Editor (Newsletter):  Fred Muhs

Photographer: Fred Muhs

Website: Jay Castagnetta, Fred Muhs and Anthony Etheredge

Social Committee: Roy Broussard, Garry Fehn and Anthony Etheredge

Merchandise: Charles Bauer

Fraternal: Norvin Schexnaildre and Roy Broussard

Awards Committee: Charles Bauer and Mike Lacoste

Budget Committee: Mike Dauenhauer, Brian Champagne and Anthony Etheredge

Administrator: Anthony Etheredge


Standing Committees

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE: Robert Bonner, Charles Bauer, Joseph Whitman, Ray Hartman and Emile Henriquez

  • This committee shall consist of five (5) members who by 1 November of each year shall submit to the President the names of nominees to fill the six (6) Board of Director positions.  The nominations must be with the concurrences of the individuals concerned.
  • Members of the committee are eligible to be nominees.

ELECTIONS COMMITTEE:  Joseph Taranto, John Fleming, Brian Fleming and Peggy Fleming

This committee is tasked with the conduct of the Annual General Elections and the proper handling of all documents in regard to the same.


This committee shall consist of at least two (2) members. It is principally a public relations function, through the preparation and submission of prepared releases and photographs to the news media and other agencies, to publicize significant Association activities and events.

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE: Glen Cangelosi, John Fleming and Robert Bonner

This committee shall consist of not less than two (2) members. It shall be responsible for the collecting, cataloging, preservation and storage of Association records and historical memorabilia.

AUDIT COMMITTEE:  Fred Muhs, Mike Lacoste and Mario Suarez

This committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members.  It shall Perform an annual audit of the Treasurer’s records and make an Audit Report at the Annual Membership Meeting (December) and to the Conference/Reunion Convention, if and when held.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Addison Thompson, Anthony Etheredge, Matt Drees (Active Bn)

This committee shall consist of at least two (2) members and is responsible for determining eligibility of new and/or prospective members in accordance with Article III of the By-Laws and the reporting of their findings to the Board of Directors.

PLANNING COMMITTEE: Jordan Jones, Roy Broussard and Matt Drees, Fred Muhs and Dr. Glen Cangelosi

This committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors for improvements to the WAVA Room at Jackson Barracks.  Plans and requests for funds shall be presented to the President and Board of Directors for approval and voted on at the first available meeting.  The committee shall solicit suggestions from any WAVA member.  Special Board Meetings may be called by the President if necessary.  The committee shall maintain the necessary bookkeeping records using computers, listings, spreadsheets, ledgers, etc…, to reflect the activities of the committee and all funds expended by recommendations from the committee.  This committee shall render an annual report, including a spending report to the membership.

Special Appointments and Committees

Active Battalion Liaison: LTC Joseph Barnett and CSM Jimmy Hankins

Financial Advisor(s): Norvin Schexnaildre. Peter Breslin, Rene Jacques, Addison Thompson and Don Schwarzenbach

Charter and By-Laws: Joseph Taranto, Brian Champagne and Jordan Jones

Legal Counsel:  Joseph Taranto