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Appointments & Committees

Our committee requirements have been grouped by type leading us to five working committees and the Audit Committee remains a stand-alone.  Each committee has a Committee Chair appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.  This individual shall recruit membership for his/her committee and is responsible for the committee’s performance.  There are no limitations on the size of the committees and the chair should seek out individuals with an understanding, and preferably a background and desire to work in the subject area.  If you are interested on serving on any of the noted committees, please reach out to that committee chair and offer your services.


The WAVA Committees are:

Financial Committee:  Jordan Jones, Chair



     Grants and Loans

Audit:  Ken Baillie, Chair

Fraternal Committee:  Jay Castagnetta, Chair



     Awards and Recognition

     Programs and Publicity 




Communications Committee:  Administrator, Chair




Membership Committee:  Jessica Lacoste, Chair

     Membership (WAVA)

     Membership (Active Battalion)


Order of The Association:  John DiMartini, Chair

     Legal / By-Laws

     Active Battalion

     Human Resources





Active Battalion Liaison:  MAJ(P) Chris McElrath and CSM James Booth