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Memberships in the Association consist of the following categories.

  • Active Membership
  • Members in Perpetuity
  • Associate Membership
  • Honorary Life Membership
  • Memorial Membership

Active Membership is composed of former and present members of any of the units, and former units, of the Washington Artillery who are dues-paying members of this Association.  They may hold office and vote in the affairs of the Association.

Members in Perpetuity are composed of those persons who meet the qualifications of Active membership, but, shall have paid the Association the sum of $150.00.  Such members are exempt from the payment of annual dues; however, they have the right to hold office and to vote in the affairs of the Association.  A member in Perpetuity shall have their name carried on the rolls of the Association forever.

Associate Membership is composed of any citizen, 17 years of age or older, who has demonstrated a strong interest in the activities, history, and the perpetuation of the Washi8ngton Artillery of New Orleans.  They shall pay dues, however, they shall not hold office, nor shall they be permitted to vote in the affairs of the Association.

Honorary Life Membership is composed of those persons whose names have been duly submitted to the Board of Directors by not less than five (5) Active Members and/or Members in Perpetuity of the Association, and have been approved by a unanimous vote of the members of the Board of Directors present.  Such member shall pay no dues, nor shall they have the right to hold office or vote in the affairs of the Association.

Qualifications for Honorary Life Membership:

  • The Governor, or former Governor, of the State of Louisiana, if during his (or her) tenure in office have demonstrated a keen interest in the National Guard of Louisiana and/or the Washington Artillery Veterans, and have taken active measures to insure public and official awareness of the state’s military posture and heritage.
  • Former officer, warrant officer, or enlisted person of the National Guard of Louisiana, the Washington Artillery, or the Association who shall have served the State, The Washington Artillery and/or the Association honorably for not less than twenty (20) years, and shall have distinguished themselves by service to one or more of these organizations, over and above that required of their position or rank.

Memorial Membership is composed of any descendent, 17 years of age or older, of any person who gave their life in the service of the United States of America or the State of Louisiana, while serving as a member of the Washington Artillery of New Orleans, or this Association.  Individuals granted Memorial Memberships shall pay no dues nor shall they have the right to hold office or vote in the affairs of the Association.